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--- Winemaking ---


Winemaking that emerges from the deepest roots, where the ties between the land and the people are so indissoluble that they make the winegrowing activity and work in the cellar provide an authentic sense of the passing of time.


From Montserrat to the Mediterranean, flanked by the Massif of the Garraf and the Prelitoral Mountain Chain, the Penedès spreads like a tapestry between sea and mountain bordered by the basin of the River Anoia to the north and the River Foix to the south.

In this depression of the land in such a marked way, the shaping of the different geological structures and the diversity of the soils, microclimates, altitudes and current exposures form at least three subzones which, differentiated between each other, offer enormous possibilities to produce wines of a very distinct singularity.

The breezes of the Mediterranean that caress the Macabeu and Malvasia vineyard slopes of Sitges, autochthonous varieties of the area, gripped in the very poor calcareous soils, express the soil’s minerality and breathe the humidity of the fresh breezes of the Marinada wind, which provides them with acidity and freshness.
It is here, between the Massif of Garraf and the Costers d’Ordal, where the vineyards of Macabeu and Malvasia on calcareous soils, gravel and nodules of limestone, express the more Mediterranean personality of our wines.

Our Finca dels Gorgs, midway between the Garraf and the River Anoia basin, with calcareous and clayey soils, fuse together and are the milestone of the transition between the lands of the Macabeu and the Xarel·lo.
From Montserrat to the sea, flanked by the Litoral and Prelitoral mountain chains, spreads the most extensive sea of vineyards in the country. An area with a mild climate in which not only does the largest extension of cultivation in the Penedès pulsate, but also the demographic agglomeration of the county: This is why the Xarel·lo, the most abundant variety in the area, is much more than a grape variety. It is the symbol of a local culture.
Here, between the basins of the rivers Anoia and Foix, at an altitude that does not surpass 240 m and with clayey, calcareous and pebbly soils, we grow vines of Garnatxa Negra and Xarel·lo, the typical variety of this land and the purest expression of the region.
The Parellada variety of the vines of Torre Busqueta, in La Llacuna, planted in the highest area of the Penedès lands –at almost 700 m above sea level -, becomes the roof of the Penedès vine-producing and possesses characteristics unique to its setting: poor soils of slate and sandstone which, due to the major heat contrast between day and night, enables us to produce wines with very good acidity, fineness and aroma.


The genuineness of our land and the survival of our autochthonous varieties are, beyond the winegrowing inheritance of our ancestors, the distinctive and angular trait that shapes the landscape of the Penedès.

We believe in autochthonous varieties to produce unique and expressive wines, which is why we understand our task as a commitment to our grandparents and our children in order to preserve and strengthen the Winegrowing Heritage of the Penedès, producing wines exclusively with autochthonous varieties.


This autochthonous variety is mainly found in the Litoral Mountain Range, Costers de l’Ordal and Massif of the Garraf on calcareous soils. It provides elegance, acidity and minerality to the wines, as well as aromas of fresh white fruit. When the vines are old, the Macabeu wines have a great potential and vocation for ageing.

The Macabeu is the basis of our coupages.
The Xarel·lo, the iconic autochthonous variety of the Penedès, easily adapts to the land and climate of the area, but where it is best expressed is on the clayey, calcareous soils of the Conca del Riu Anoia.

Resistant to drought and heat, it produces wines with body, rustic but elegant, with aromas of white fruit and plants, above all fennel.
The Parellada from the highest vineyards of the Prelitoral Mountain Chain, planted on silicon and slate soils, provides fresh wines, not very voluminous but elegant, with aromas of tropical fruit and vine flower.

It provides freshness and acidity to our Clàssics Reserva.
The Malvasia de Sitges ( ), a one hundred percent Mediterranean autochthonous variety and from the Maritime Penedès, specifically the Massif of Garraf, survived the phylloxera plague in the 19th century thanks to the Hospital Sant Joan Baptista in Sitges.

A recently recovered variety that we are assessing, it produces fresh wines with very good acidity and intense floral and tropical fruit aromas. It is our homage to the millennial history of the Iberian Penedès, settled in 750 BC by the Cossetans from the Font de la Canya (Avinyó Nou).
Rooted in the Penedès since time immemorial, the Garnatxa Negra is the Mediterranean variety par excellence, along with the Sumoll and the Monestrell, the oldest for the production of sparkling rosés.

It produces fresh, structured but fleshy, elegant yet sweet wines, with aromas of fresh red fruit.

In the Conca del Riu Anoia, on clayey, calcareous soils, we harvest it at the optimum point of balance between sugars, aromas and acidity we macerate it gently with its skin to obtain the most subtle and delicate rosé wines.

Together with the Macabeu, it forms part of the coupage of our Clàssic Rosat.


At AT ROCA we do not forget that the landscape, as well as being shaped by the climate, the orography, the soil and the plants, is also formed by people.

Our project also exists thanks to the synergies and active work of eight families of winegrowers, who with our complicity and experience try to extract the most authentic character of each of our plots.

This way of understanding winegrowing, supported by a theory of oenology adapted to each type of land, are our maximum guarantee to produce wines that are the expression, not only of their region, but also of the people that inhabit it.

{"title"=>"Our motherland"} {"title"=>"Our motherland", "description"=>"In AT Roca the winemaking emerges from the deepest roots, and the ties between the land and the people"} {"title"=>"Our motherland", "description"=>"In AT Roca the winemaking emerges from the deepest roots, and the ties between the land and the people", "keywords"=>"Viticulture, autochthonous varieties, landscapes, Penedès, Massif Garraf, Costers Ordal, Montserrat, Serra d'Ancosa, Malvasia, Macabeu, Xarel·lo, Parellada, Garnaxaa, farmers, people, climate"}