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Wines created with the desire to be the reflection of the landscape that surrounds them.

In this search for new paradigms, we have a commitment to ecological winemaking that respects the diversity of the landscapes that form the Penedès area. That is why we work on the recovery of the traditional varieties rooted into the region with the complicity and synergy of the people who make its heart beat.


Led by Agustí Torelló Sibill and his family, the AT Roca project was founded in 2012 with the aim of achieving the maximum expression of the old vineyards of the different lands of the Penedès.

Our raison d’être, therefore, comes from a commitment rooted in the region and its people, since we are farmers, oenologists and winemakers but, above all, we are people who understand wine as the original language of the landscape.

Mountain of Montserrat,
8th of April, 10:30h
The energy of enthusiasm
The best childhood memories of Agustí Torelló Roca are related to the world of wine. A graduate of Oenology (URV), his training was completed by long-stay work experience periods in three renowned cellars: Champagne Bruno Michel (AOC Champagne), the Zuccardi family (Valle de Uco, Argentina) and Luis Cañas (DOC Rioja).
Heir of the oenological and winemaking revolution that he has experienced at the hand of his father, Agustí Torelló Roca is a young oenologist formed with the innovations of the 21st century but defender of the values of the purest and most authentic winemaking: the reliance on the minimum intervention on the plant, the firm commitment to the local varieties and respect for the land. He understands the production of wine as the interpretation of a landscape.
The value of experience
Born into a family tied to winemaking, from an early age he cultivated a passion for the world of wine that led him to graduate as an Agronomic Engineer. Founder of the Young Brotherhood of Sant Sadurní d'Anoia, decades ago he began training and teaching in the world of the sommelier: he has been President of the Technical Committee of the International Association of Sommeliers and has worked as an advisor for several wine cellars ( ).

With more than thirty years’ experience in the family cellar, Agustí Torelló Sibill has been a living testimony of the evolution and change that the world of oenology has experienced during these decades, understanding that, today, oenology is merely the tool that must be at the service of the grape in order to produce wines with soul. With this premise and with the will to produce singular wines with their own personality, in 2012 he embarked on the family project of AT Roca together with his son Agustí and his sister Lali.
The precision of good sense
Any new project in a team needs someone with experience, someone with energy and, above all, someone with the capacity to run things.

Lali Torelló Sibill fits this latter role to perfection, since for more than thirty years she has maintained all the administrative and commercial work, the running of the first family cellar and, since June 2012, of AT Roca. An economist by profession, her speciality is the necessary vision of winemaking from the point of view of the figures.


We work with the conviction that the vine forms part of a life cycle linked to the different elements of its environment.

We seek the harmony between the plant and nature, treating the vine in an individual way and respecting the principles of ecological winemaking in order to produce wines that, year after year, reflect the liquid history of its region.

Sant Sebastià dels Gorgs,
10th of November, 19h


Historically, through inheritance, it has been the vineyards that have chosen their winemakers; in our case, in contrast, basing ourselves on the experience and knowledge of the region, it has been we who have chosen the most singular and ideal lands for each variety.

Beyond producing wines that express all the diverse landscapes of the Penedès region, from our estate of Sant Sebastià dels Gorgs, the epicentre of the county, we work closely together with our winemakers in order to ennoble our commitment to winemaking, linked intimately to the region and its landscape.

Torrebusqueta, La LLacuna
26th of September, 10h


{"title"=>"Winemaking from ideas"} {"title"=>"Winemaking from ideas", "description"=>"Unic wines created with the desire to be the reflection of the landscape that surrounds them."} {"title"=>"Winemaking from ideas", "description"=>"Unic wines created with the desire to be the reflection of the landscape that surrounds them.", "keywords"=>"landscape, viticulture, terroir, traditional varieties, enthusiasm, sanity, territory, wine, oenology, personality"}